Ranch Calendar of Wolf Hybrid Puppies

The arrival of new puppies is thrilling for all of us at the Wolf Hybrid Ranch. Will there be some males? How many females? What colors do you think they will be? What will they look like? What traits of their father will they have? Will they have their mother's personality? We can't wait for the moment to arrive. Join us, as we anticipate our upcoming litters of wolf hybrid cubs. Click on Agenda on the upper-right of the Puppy Calendar to see a list of upcoming due dates.

Calendar of Wolf Hybrid Puppies

For more information about wolf dog puppies "for sale" or "for adoption" at the Wolf Hybrid Puppies Ranch, please call Wolf Hybrid Breeder Edye Marin at (530) 990-2308 or email at edyemarin@gmail.com

Our wolf hybrids for sale are raised in a natural environment in a secluded woody terrain. Because of the close proximity to the house for all the sections of the wolf forest and the constant interaction with our family, our puppies are raised with contact and intimate socializing.

The distinctive look and physical attributes of our mid-to-high content wolf pack sets our puppies apart from other breeders.